Saturday, 16 March 2013

What A Winter In The Western Isles!

Sorry it's been awhile!! Been making the most of the changing scenery in the Western Isles in Winter as you will see we've been capturing fantastic shots all over the island! My favourite is this shot of the Callanish Stones at sunset. The weather... well, we were preparing ourselves for the worst, we'd heard about the ferocious winds and rains, but we have been pleasantly surprised! We've certainly had a few cold snaps with the occasional high winds and rain but otherwise a fairly mild winter!

There are still things to do all year round here, we've still been doing some walking and hoping to take up the summer sports (including kayaking, surfing, horse riding) soon! Believe it or not the photos above and below were taken in Feb/March! There are plenty of lovely places to keep warm with hot chocolate and food over the winter all over the island.

Work has been busy with a great variety of acute medical and surgical presentations over the winter period and I've gained experience of working closely with coastguard, paramedics and emergency retrieval teams during my Rural General Hospital placement at Western Isles Hospital.

All in all the Western Isles has been everything we have expected and more, we have made friends for life her, have a fantastic work-life balance and have had a brilliant experience working in the Rural General Hospital setting. 

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